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Meet Lori, Director of Donor Operations

Is customer service your highest priority? It is for Lori Rowley-Hurley from United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg.

Read her Caring in Common spotlight to find out what a typical day in her role as Director of Donor Operations is like.

Nominate an Andar Software Employee of the Year

We need your help!

At Andar Software, we find it important to recognize our employees for the hard work they do to extend the positive impact Andar Software has on you (our customers) and the nonprofit industry. We believe we have some pretty exceptional people working for us and would love to get your input on the matter.

Who do you think should be Employee of the Year?

Please help us by nominating an Andar Software staff member that you believe deserves to be recognized for their outstanding achievements.

Are You Using Andar/360 to Its Max Potential?

Experience two days of interactive learning by attending a Pre-Conference Hands-On Training class at the 2020 Users Group Conference.

There are five specialty tracks available for you to pick. Each track instructor will guide you through the course and be available for on-the-spot questions and troubleshooting. Don't miss this chance to further your knowledge and receive in-person coaching!

Have You Been Phished?

Our reliance on technology comes with an abundance of benefits, but it also comes with a bunch of new obstacles. One of those obstacles: email scams. How many times a week do you receive an email that looks or sounds questionable?

Email phishing scams are on the rise because scammers are using more elaborate tricks to make you vulnerable, and they often adapt their tactics. Your first line of defense against phishing emails is to know how to recognize them. Below are some tricks scammers use to deceive recipients into opening harmful email attachments or provide personal information. Learn what they are so that you can better protect yourself.

  • Phishing emails may look like they are from a company or person you know and trust. If you receive an email from a colleague that contains a weird attachment, or spelling and grammatical mistakes that you believe the sender wouldn't make, think twice about opening the attachment. Scams can also be disguised as emails from your bank, your cell phone provider, or a social networking site. These emails can be hard to spot. Take a close look at how they are laid out to notice whether there are spelling mistakes, and if logos and imagery are used correctly.
  • Phishing emails often tell a story to trick you into clicking an attachment or an external link. They might say that they've noticed suspicious activity on your account, or claim that there was a payment problem. They might even outright ask you to confirm your personal information so that they can update their records! Other tricks are getting you to register for phony programs or offer you coupons for free stuff.

In next week's Coffee Break newsletter, we'll share tips on how you can protect yourself from phishing attacks.

e-Check Donors Must Provide Telephone Numbers

Do you use CyberSource for processing Automated Clearing House (ACH) / e-check payments inside Andar/360? And do you also use Telecheck as your electronic payment processor? If so, your e-check donors will be required to provide their phone number when they submit their bank information. (They might also be required to provide their driver license information.)

Here are a couple of recommendations for you:

  1. In your System Preferences > Finance > CyberSource, for the preference about Phone Number, because you use Telecheck, choose "Entry is mandatory." Doing this will force the donor to enter his phone number, thus eliminating one possible cause of an error. (A similar option exists for driver license information.)
  2. In Web Customization, in the General Web Option Group named "CyberSource," turn on the option labeled "Number of Attempts Allowed," and set it to 2 (or 3). If the user makes a mistake when entering the bank (or credit card) information, he will get another chance to provide the payment information (without having to start his pledge over again) — and, the CyberSource return error message (e.g., "Phone Number is Required") will be displayed at the top of the page.

Create an Online Board Portal

If you own any of the e-Community modules you can easily use Andar/360 to create an online board portal. Except for owning any e-Community modules, there are no additional modules needed to set up an online portal!

Once set up, the portal allows users to easily distribute information and provides a central repository for members to find information.

Access Account Information From Anywhere

Your workdays are busy with a variety of tasks. Your role might even have you out of the office more than you are at your desk. Save time and increase your efficiency by putting in your notes, communications, and updating contact information while on the go rather then waiting for when you get back into the office.

The Andar i-Access module will display a user's dashboards and the custom Bio Tabs on the web, making it easy for Resource Development staff to maintain their account information remotely. Learn more about it in Customer Support.

Why Raising More Money Shouldn't be Your Goal

Join Andar Software at the 2020 Great Rivers Conference. We'll be leading a session on Tuesday afternoon, February 18, from 3:15 - 4:30 PM.

The session, titled 'Why Raising More Money Shouldn't be Your Goal,' will teach you how to dive deeper and take your data analysis to the next level. You'll be able to hear how other United Ways analyze their CRM data to create actionable goals that lead to positive results. Plus, walk away from the session with a worksheet that you can apply to your organization. We hope to see you there!

Quote of the Week

“Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.”
Brian Tracy

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