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Avoid Donor Loss

Many nonprofit organizations suffer from having a leaky bucket of donors. Find out what you can do to avoid losing supporters.

Caring in Common: Customer Spotlight Series

Caring in Common is a spotlight series that showcases different nonprofit professionals on the last Friday of each month. The goal is to highlight Andar Software customers from all walks of life, levels of experience, and areas of expertise. Their answers will inspire you, give you insight about the nonprofit industry, and motivate you on both a professional and personal level.

Today, we get to know Sandra Taylor from Metro United Way in Louisville, Kentucky. She shares with us photos, what motivates her to come to work, her personal mantra, and much more. Go on, become acquainted with your Andar community!

Manage Your Prospects

Do you know what move state your prospects are in? What their linkage ability or interest is?

You can manage and view all of this data by account manager when you use the Prospect Metrics Details App in Andar MIG. Learn how to add prospect metrics details to a dashboard by visiting Customer Support!

Find Out if Credit Cards Will Expire Soon

Your donors may have pre-authorized payments set up with you, but what do you do if their cards expire? You can avoid getting to that point by running a report that will tell you if pre-authorized payment donors have credit cards that are about to expire.

You can find the Andar Pre-Authorized Credit Card Payment Report under the Finance folder on the Andar Main Menu. On the submission window, select the billing date, for example, *2 Months after. Also, specify the next month as the Credit Card Expiry Date. The report will then list donors who have amounts due in two months but whose credit card will expire before then.

Quote of the Week

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”
William James

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