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Increase Your Campaign Success

You run the risk of losing donors if your web presence isn't appealing to the public. Whether you have a well-established brand or you're just starting to develop one, there are many ways to avoid common online branding mistakes.

Download a free guide to get tips, ideas, and guidelines to follow.

Make Things Easy For Yourself, Use Templates!

The Andar Stylesheet Library has a slightly new look. It now has larger images that make it easier to navigate and find the templates you're looking for.

Download no-fold CEO call reports, receipts, thank you letters, and much more.

Drag and Drop Your Files

You can easily drag and drop multiple files from your local folder or other applications such as Outlook into Andar’s File Library, Stylesheets, Articles and other areas of Andar.

Learn More About Andar

Grow as a person, become more tech savvy, have greater influence at work, and make greater impact in your community.

Join us for an upcoming e-Class to learn more about Andar/360. These 2-hour sessions explore the basic concepts, best practices, and features of the software you already own.

Fee: $ 200.00 (USD) per site. Space is limited. 

July 26 -  Andar/360: Basic Payouts

If you have suggestions for other e-Classes that should be offered, please let us know.

Quote of the Week

“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.”
Tom Brokaw

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