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Easily Personalize Your Emails

One of the quickest ways to catch your donors' attention in an email is by adding his or her name to the email's subject line. It's the sort of thing you shouldn't do all the time because it will start losing the effect, but doing it sporadically will do wonders.

To automatically add your recipient's first name to an email subject line, all you have to do is type the "FirstName" note variable to the subject.

Who Are You Communicating With?

Time flies, and it can be hard to keep track of whom you've been in touch with. The chances are that there are likely some donors who could use a little more TLC than they are currently getting.

In just a few clicks inside Andar, you can find out which accounts you haven't been communicating with so that you can identify holes in your process or create a new communication strategy.

Your Hotfix Version Number

Now's the time to install your Hotfix. Installation Instructions are available for viewing in the Customer Support center.

By default, the Andar banner that says "Powered by Andar Fundraising Software" doesn't display the Hotfix version number. The banner shows the release version number only. Therefore, the banner isn't an indicator of whether the Hotfix is or isn't successfully installed.

IMPORTANT: Monthly Server Maintenance for Andar Hosting Customers

This message only affects customers who are hosted by Andar on the cloud. 

Hosting customers should note that maintenance will be performed the weekend of July 13-14, 2019, as part of our regularly scheduled maintenance. During this time, there may be brief periods during which customers may not be able to access hosted applications.

If you are hosted, Adobe Reader has been upgraded to Adobe Reader DC. The first time Adobe Reader DC is opened, the user will need to click “Accept” when prompted to accept the license. Also note, you will be upgrading to the Andar Service Pack 2019.02 during the August regularly scheduled maintenance window.

Regular maintenance is always scheduled for the weekend after the second Tuesday of each month.

Quote of the Week

“The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves.”
Helen Keller

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