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Caring in Common: Customer Spotlight Series

We're kicking off a new endeavor at Andar Software. It's a customer spotlight series called "Caring in Common."

Caring in Common is a spotlight series that showcases different nonprofit professionals on the last Friday of each month. The goal is to highlight Andar Software customers from all walks of life, levels of experience, and areas of expertise. Their answers will inspire you, give you insight about the nonprofit industry, and motivate you on both a professional and personal level.

Today, we get to know Brenda Dennis from River Region United Way. She shares with us photos, what a typical day in her role is like, her biggest professional challenges, and much more. Go on, become acquainted with your Andar community!

Benefit From Learning a New Skill

Grow as a person, become more tech savvy, have greater influence at work, and make greater impact in your community.

Join us for an upcoming e-Class to learn more about Andar/360. These 2-hour sessions explore the basic concepts, best practices, and features of the software you already own.

Fee: $ 200.00 (USD) per site. Space is limited. 

July 12 -  Andar/360: MIG & Non MIG Thank You Letters

July 18 -  Andar/360: Basic Data Mining

July 26 -  Andar/360: Basic Payouts

If you have suggestions for other e-Classes that should be offered, please let us know.

Paying Out Payroll Designations

In the Andar payout, by default all payroll donors from the same company (or group of companies related by Billing Relationships) have their designations paid at the same rate. This default dates back to the 90s when payroll payments were always batched as a cost-effective way to process, and the designated nonprofits shared pledge loss.

Today it is not uncommon to have a company send detailed information about the payroll payment, i.e. how much was deducted from each employee’s paycheck. But simply keying/importing the payroll payments on the employee accounts is not enough to have Andar payout each payroll donor’s designations based their own payments. You must add a processing option to tell Andar to not prorate payroll payments for this company.

Follow this link for an explanation of the processing options. Look for:

  • Prorate all payroll payments (PAPP)
  • Payout on Employee Received Percentage (POER)
  • Payout on Employee and Batch Received Percentage (POEBR)

And check out this project for an attachment in the project notes, with detailed examples of what happens when the different processing options are applied.

It’s important to understand that you must payout a company the same way for the full campaign year cycle. If a company starts sending you detailed payroll payment information in August, Andar will not prorate batch payments from Jan – July and then use detailed payments for Aug – Dec.

Track Competitive Gifts

Build your database, and get to know your donors' interests and their giving capabilities with Andar MIG. Every year, you should go through your competitors' websites and find lists of large donors. You can then enter these donors and competitors in Andar, and link them together using the "CRM" tab, in the "Competitive Gift" sub-tab, with their estimated giving range.

Quote of the Week

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”
William Shakespeare

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