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Get the Scoop on How One United Way Manages Their Events

How do you manage your events?

Hear how Aness Symons, Associate Director, Communications & Donor Experience at United Way Elgin Middlesex, manages her organization’s events using Andar i-Attend. In the video, Aness goes into specific event examples, including how they manage registration types, attendance reporting, and how they follow up with attendees after events take place.

2019.02 is Available for Download!

There are lots of new features in the latest service pack. Included in the upgrade are changes to how the application looks. It's now a fresher design that's easier to navigate through.

Get all the details in the "What's New?" article when you log in to Customer Support.

Learn New Andar/360 Skills

Join us for an upcoming e-Class to learn more about Andar/360. These 2-hour sessions explore the basic concepts, best practices, and features of the software you already own.

You can participate from the comfort of your desk or welcome your colleagues to join along, plus ask questions on the spot if you want the instructor to explain something further.

Fee: $ 200.00 (USD) per site. Space is limited. 

June 24 -  Andar/360: Intro to Andar - Finance

June 28 -  Andar/360: Intro to Andar - Campaign and Fundraisers

If you have suggestions for other e-Classes that should be offered, please let us know.

Meet Your Fundraising Goal

Don't leave potential donations on the table! As you get your campaign on a roll, think about ways you'll be able to fill your fundraising gaps.

One idea is to dig into your database for donors who haven't yet given this year but gave in the past. To get a list of lapsed donors, use the "Pattern" tab in a data mining operation.

After obtaining the list, you can review the accounts for ways to communicate with them. Maybe you have a home contact you can get in touch with, a related person whom you can call, a staff member who knows them, or someone may remember them from an event they volunteered at or attended. You might even be able to find more info by searching for them on Google!

How Will You Manage the Upcoming Campaign Season?

Andar Software can provide database management services to help you use your existing software to its full potential.

Get help from us with routine Andar/360 procedures such as performing rollovers, running rebuilds, administering scheduled jobs, and performing database cleanup. You can get assistance with Database 2, custom report building, and integrating Andar/360 into other systems. Plus, you can even receive processing support as needed or on a full-time basis.

Contact us if you're interested in receiving database management assistance. We'd be happy to talk to you about the services that best suit your needs.


Sign Up For Emergency Texting for Andar Hosting

Andar Software Hosting has an emergency texting system set up to communicate with customers quickly. In the event of an urgent issue affecting our hosting customers, we will notify you by text message — but you must sign up for this service. We recommend having at least two members of your organization sign up.

You can subscribe by logging into the Andar Support Center Hosting Resources Page and clicking on “Subscribe” under Hosting Emergency Subscription.” Make sure to log in to the Support Centre to see the "Subscribe" button.

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