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Why You Should Improve Your Online Presence

Avoid losing donors by making your web presence appealing to all audiences. A cohesive brand across all your online channels, such as pledge pages, social media, and blog will make your organization’s impact shine and bring in more donations.

Need convincing to make your online presence a priority?

Use Already Formatted Templates for Your Emails

Did you know Andar has a library with different digital assets just waiting to be used by you?

Download giving buttons for your e-Pledge website, looks for your printed Biotabs and Dashboards, branded email templates, and much more.

Pledge Processing Volumes Got You Down?

Having many pledges coming in is excellent news. What's not so great is not having the time or enough people to process large volumes of pledges.

Get support from Andar Software to manage campaigns, reporting, and uploads.

Clean Up Your Mailing List

Avoid awkward situations by ensuring that you update your mailing lists with the latest information.

Use Andar’s MIG module to automatically handle address redirection when your donor has passed away or is now under the care of someone else. With the care-of relationship, Andar’s mailing list management system will automatically redirect your communications to the correct person.

Emergency Texting for Andar Hosting

Andar Software Hosting has an emergency texting system set up to communicate with customers quickly. In the event of an urgent issue affecting our hosting customers, we will notify you by text message — but you must sign up for this service. We recommend having at least two members of your organization sign up.

You can subscribe by logging into the Andar Support Center Hosting Resources Page and clicking on “Subscribe” under Hosting Emergency Subscription.” Make sure to log in to the Support Centre to see the "Subscribe" button.

Quote of the Week

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”
H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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