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Receive An Alert When A Pledge is Received

Set up automatic e-mail alerts to be notified of pledges, payments, and communications that involve your most important accounts. The alerts can be set up to notify different people based on pledge amounts. For instance, when a $1000 gift comes in, the campaign manager can receive an alert; and if a $5,000 gift comes in, both the campaign manager and the CEO receive the alert.

With an alert, you won't have to wait until someone tells you about a pledge coming in, you'll know right away. Better yet, as soon as you receive the alert, you can call your donor and thank them right away for making such a generous donation!

Do You Have a Client Interested in Single Sign-On for e-Pledge?

Andar supports Single Sign-On (SSO) with e-Pledge. The feature allows web users to sign on to their Andar e-Community website from a third party website without having to enter a separate user name and password. Why should you do this? Because the fewer clicks a user has to perform, the better his/her donation experience will be.

Many organizations using e-Pledge have already implemented the Single Sign-On feature. It is a one time set up per company.

Add a Survey to Your Web Page

You can put up a survey on any e-Community web page by using web notes. To do so, follow the simple steps below:

  • Create a Look & Feel item of the ‘Survey’ portlet type
  • Specify the survey you want to add
  • Create a Look & Feel Container
  • Place the survey portlet into it
  • Add a web note on the page you want to post the survey in
  • Insert the note variable ‘Look & Feel Container’ and specify the above container

Done! When you open the web page you'll see the survey there.

This "Look & Feel" feature can be used for any other portlet types (articles, banners, event list, etc.)

Use "Communication Logs" and "Surveys" Together

CEO call season is in full swing – for many, it has become a year-round job function! Did you know you can better frame your notes after making a CEO or Donor call by using "Communication Logs" and "Surveys" together?

Make it easier for yourself to glean and mine critical information from these calls by putting a structure in place. Learn everything you need to know about "Communication Logs" in Customer Support.

Get Pledge Processing Help

Having many pledges coming in is excellent news. What's not so great is not having the time or enough people to process large volumes of pledges.

Get support from Andar Software to manage campaigns, reporting, and uploads.

Quote of the Week

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”
Oscar Wilde

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