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Use the Right Data Standards for Your Pledge Form Data

For many of you, your campaign year will be nearing an end quicker than you can believe — and you're likely reviewing pledge forms right now. At your next staff meeting, take a few moments to discuss and plan out where each piece of data from these pledge forms will 'live' inside Andar.

Data storage is critical. If you know where your data is stored and how to use it, you'll be armed with a stronger foundation as you strategize your outreach efforts. Take a look at our suggested Data Standards to get started.

Be the New You!

New styles are available for download to match the 2019.01 "United We Fight / United We Win" Look and Feel templates.

Update your email styles, profile reports and more today!

Find and Replace Text in Web Notes

In a sea of letters that make up code, it can be difficult to find specific text inside a web note. Make your life easier by using the “Find” button in the web customization window to search for, as well as, replace text in all web notes.

Visit the Support Center to learn how to use the "Find and Replace" feature in web notes.

Send Quick Messages Inside Andar

Do you need to send a quick message to multiple users all at once? You can do so inside of Andar if you're the IT Administrator at your organization.

>Go to the Andar Main Menu > System Administration > Clients Manager Console; then select one or more users in the “Connection Panel” list, click the “Send Message” button, and type the message you want to send. Users will receive the message as an Andar popup.

Learn about this and more IT secrets about the Clients Manager Console in the customer Support Center.

Quote of the Week

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

Mahatma Gandhi

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