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Take Advantage of These Enhancements

Product enhancements are a critical aspect of any technological solution that's available to customers. Enhancements not only signify growth for a product, but they (more importantly) also make customers' use of the product more effective and enjoyable.

At Andar, we've always released product enhancements twice a year, and we'll continue this trend. We're hard at work developing the product and want YOU to know all the great details ahead of time. To keep you informed, we now have a product roadmap webpage.

If you attended the 2019 Users Group Conference, you got a sneak peek of the roadmap during the Wednesday keynote. The page is now available to all customers. Visit it to see the enhancements that will be of benefit to you. Click on an enhancement bubble of interest to read the specific project details.

Communication Logs Vs. Notes

Which should you use?

While notes may be used to track communications with accounts, they aren't the most efficient way to record chronological information. Notes “live” on a single account and are stand-alone, so they are great for tracking summarized information. Use notes when you want to describe your fundraising strategy for this account, add the status of the current relationship with the account, or even write a bio for your account.

On the other hand, communication logs are a two-way street that span time; a phone call today may be related to an email sent a month ago that was a follow up to a face-to-face meeting. Unlike Notes, Communication Logs may be “linked” to aid everyone in following the thread of the conversation. You can mention multiple individuals, organizations, and events in your communication log, and as a result, the communication log will be attached to all those accounts.

Become a Communication Log pro by watching these videos.

Save and Reuse Report Submission Parameters

What's the one currency no one can ever earn back?


We may not be able to help you travel back in time (yet), but we can help you be more efficient so that you invest less time into tasks that you do within Andar/360.

Try this: When exporting reports, save and re-use report submission parameters. Doing this can big a big time saver if you either run the same report multiple times or like to run variations of the same reports based upon a different set of report parameters.

Remember to Be Case-Sensitive

Like most user IDs, CyberSource Merchant IDs are case-sensitive. When you add or update Andar’s CyberSource Settings, the Merchant ID must be entered into the Merchant ID field exactly as provided to you. Otherwise, CyberSource will not know who is talking, and you'll receive an error.

Quote of the Week

"Life isn't as serious as the mind makes it out to be."

Eckhart Tolle

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