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The Countdown is On. Are You Coming?

There are only ten days left until the 2019 Andar Software Users Group Conference in Orlando, Florida — and we can't wait to see you!

Ensure you don't suffer from dreaded FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) by registering for the Pre-Conference Hands-On Training sessions, or the General Conference, or both.

Website Look and feel

Over the past year you, our customers, have come up with incredible ideas for the layout and flow of e-Pledge.

Today we want to showcase a small portion of your creative work. Click here to see some samples.

Do you want to update the look and feel of your website? Get in touch with us — we'd be happy to help.

Switch the Order of Previous and Next Buttons

Currently, there are no web options to allow users to switch the order of the navigation buttons. However, it's possible to do this using a simple script that can be applied in a web note on the corresponding e-Pledge pages.

Learn the Basics of CSS in 5 Minutes

Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is an effective way of controlling the layout of your website. In short, CSS separates content from design, which makes customizing the code on your website much easier than using plain HTML. Knowing CSS is handy, but it can also be quite intimidating if you're new to it. Take five minutes to learn the basics from FreeCodeCamp.

Are You Using the Community Building Web Module?

Are you getting frequent phone calls or e-mails from Agencies, asking you to reset an item in their CB Package, because they accidentally Submitted it instead of just Saving it?

Are they pleading “Help!,” because they need to add more info, or update their answers?

You can easily put an end to those phone calls. Simply add a web option that allows the Agencies to reset the status of their own CB Package item from “Completed” to “Outstanding.” Then, as long as the Package Due Date has not passed, the Agency web user can make their desired changes, and you don’t even have to pick up the phone or reply to an e-mail!

The web option is named “Allow Reset Completed Item Back to Outstanding,” and it is found inside the Web Option Group named “Community Building.”

Quote of the Week

"My goal today is to live in a state of grace and lightness. I will not invite struggle or drama. I will say yes more and smile often."

Kimberley Blaine

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