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Receive Answers To Your Questions

Get all your nonprofit campaign questions answered at the 2019 Andar Software Users Group Conference. On Thursday, April 18th, Gary Goscenski and Sarah Piper from Perspectives Consulting Group, will be leading three sessions you don't want to miss.

Together, they'll help you determine why donors have trouble understanding what you do, they'll pinpoint why your campaign is stuck and what you can do to increase revenue, and they'll teach you how to build relationships for the future. Sign up to attend one session, or all three!

United We Fight / United We Win

Included in the latest Andar/360 release (2019.01), you'll find a brand new, dual-appearance Look and Feel Template called 'United We Fight.' This template is based on the latest United Way Worldwide brand guidelines. Everything you need to get started is built right into Andar and ready for you to put a fresh face on all things e-Community!

'United We Fight' features a bold, impactful theme. When used in conjunction with your high-contrast black and white photography it helps convey the seriousness of the cause.

'United We Win' is a stylesheet that can be added to the template to depict a more celebratory, uplifting and bright feeling.


Plus, there are a few new additions to get excited about like pledge and frequency buttons! All modules have been updated to reflect an updated appearance.

Also available are new email stylesheets and letter styles to complement 'United We Fight' and bring a consistent look to all of your outbound communications.

Did You Upgrade?

The latest version of Andar/360 is 2019.01, and if you're not on it you're missing out on new features that can enhance your workflow and help you increase your campaign revenue. Refer to the installation checklist to perform the upgrade yourself, or contact us if you'd like an Andar expert to install the upgrade for you.

Quote of the Week

"If you are mentally somewhere else, you miss real life."

Byron Katie

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