Articles in this Newsletter March 22, 2019

Prices Are Increasing After Today

There's a lot of value to get from attending the 2019 Andar Software Users Group Conference:

  • Set yourself apart from colleagues in your organization by learning new skills and sharing them with your organization as soon as you return to the office
  • Discover new tricks and ways to use Andar/360 more efficiently and be more productive with your work day
  • Increase your professional network and add new connections to your growing LinkedIn contact list
  • Show off your talents and position yourself as a nonprofit expert by contributing content and conversation topics to the Customer Showcase and Fireside Chat sessions
  • Gain exposure to new business opportunities that may come up during casual conversations and collaborative sessions
  • Have fun making new friends and having more in-depth and personal conversations at group dinners and the Andar Lounge
  • Make some time to enjoy the Rosen Centre Hotel's full-service health spa, Olympic-size tropical outdoor swimming pool, and jacuzzis
  • Extend your stay to visit Orlando's multiple tourist attractions such as theme parks, restaurants on International Drive, gators in their natural habitat, and numerous outlet shopping malls

(The last ones on the list are a nice bonus.)

Early Bird registration pricing ends today. Register by the end of the day to get the most value out of your attendance.

You May Want to Be Hosted in the Cloud

Is cloud hosting right for you? Get an answer to this question by attending “Is Cloud Hosting Right For My Environment?” at the 2019 Users Group Conference on Wednesday, at 4 PM.

At the session, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of having your applications and data hosted in the cloud. We’ll discuss options for cloud-hosting — not just Andar Hosting, but also Microsoft 365. We'll address your questions including security concerns, backups and updates schedules, and long-term costs.

Put Documents Into CB Packages

Community Building users: Did you know that you can add a Document INSIDE a CB Package?

You can specifically name each Document that you want your agencies/programs to give you. They can upload the document from their computer, and it can be stored on their account profile in Andar, on the General tab > Documents sub-tab.

Since the Document is listed inside a CB Package, the agency/program knows when you specifically want that document!

Why Do People Stop Donating?

The number one reason why people stop giving is that they weren't asked. That leads to another question, "Why were people not asked to donate in the first place?"

You have the power to reach out to your community and ask for donations, and it's time you exercise that power to the best of your ability. After all, there's no harm in asking.

One common reason why organizations have trouble reaching out to individuals for donations is that donors have moved to another company. Did you know that you can easily data mine for those individuals that were once donors but have not given this year? Besides, you can select those for whom you have a home telephone number, e-mail, or street address. Imagine all the potential donors that may be waiting there for the asking!

Quote of the Week

"Respond; don't react. Listen; don't talk. Think; don't assume."

Raji Lukkoor

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