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Save the Date for the 2019 Users Group Conference!

This year's conference will be April 15-18, 2019.

Join your peers to experience four days filled with networking, training on Andar/360 and Enterprise, and discussions about how to increase campaign success and donor activity. You'll leave the conference having made new connections, feeling inspired and filled with new knowledge to bring back to your organization.

Hotel information will be released soon. We’re currently working to secure a great room rate for you at a venue that’s close to attractions and restaurants and has many amenities in-house.

Visit the Users Group Conference website to get registration and agenda information. Registration will open Monday, January 14, 2019.

Start planning your attendance now!

What's the Difference Between a "Relative" Year and a "Four-Digit" Year When Creating Reports?

Whether you're creating a Campaign Report, a Finance Report, or a Community Building Report, you can choose one of the "relative" year options from the Year drop-down list. Every time you run this report, Andar will look at your system preferences to determine what year's data to include in the report results.

On the other hand, if you type a specific "4-digit" year into the Year field on the report submission screen (especially on a Community Building Report), the saved report will always run for that specific year — regardless of the year that's identified in your system preferences.

Issuing Tax Receipts for Donations

Receipts for donations made to a fundraising organization can be processed and issued within Andar.

If you don't have the MIG module, Andar will produce a CSV file that you can download and mail-merge into a word processor document with pre-defined letter templates.

If you're licensed for Major Gift, Andar can do the mail merge automatically and produce receipts in PDF format. You can create different Receipt templates, tell Andar which template to use when generating Receipts in PDF format, and email them out to donors.

Easily Reset Your Hosting Access Password

Forgetting your password in the middle of a busy workday can be pretty cumbersome. Easily and quickly reset your hosting access password without having to log in to the Andar Software Support Center.

Refresh Your Knowledge!

Start the year off right by getting an introduction to Campaigns and Fundraisers or learning more about MIG thank you letters. All Andar/360 January and February eClasses are listed below.

January 11, 1-3 PM EST – Intro to Andar - Campaign and Fundraisers
January 21, 1-3 PM EST – Tax Receipts
January 22, 1-3 PM EST – MIG Thank You Letters
January 25, 1-3 PM EST – Andar Connector
February 4, 1-3 PM EST – Tax Receipts
February 6, 1-3 PM EST – Basic Data Mining
February 11, 1-3 PM EST – Advanced Data Mining
February 15, 1-3 PM EST – Intro to Andar - Campaign and Fundraisers
February 22, 1-3 PM EST – Basic Payout

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