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Tax Receipts Season is Here!

When it's time to file taxes, it no secret that your donors can benefit from the tax receipts that you issue them. There are many intricacies to issuing a tax receipt. For instance, it's important to know the difference between a Payer Account and Tax Receipt Account.

A Payer Account is the account that pays for the pledge — this can be different from the account that makes the pledge. A Tax Receipt Account is the account that will be receipted for the donation. Read more details on these definitions and also find out how to pull Payer and Receipt Accounts reports.

Attend New eClasses!

Start the year off right by getting an introduction to Campaigns and Fundraisers or learning more about MIG thank you letters. All Andar/360 January and February eClasses are listed below.

January 11, 1-3 PM EST – Intro to Andar - Campaign and Fundraisers
January 21, 1-3 PM EST – Tax Receipts
January 22, 1-3 PM EST – MIG Thank You Letters
January 25, 1-3 PM EST – Andar Connector
February 4, 1-3 PM EST – Tax Receipts
February 6, 1-3 PM EST – Basic Data Mining
February 11, 1-3 PM EST – Advanced Data Mining
February 15, 1-3 PM EST – Intro to Andar - Campaign and Fundraisers
February 22, 1-3 PM EST – Basic Payout

Need Andar Hosting Help?

Andar Hosting Customers should now submit requests for hosting and Citrix-related support through the Andar Support Center at The DMC help desk will no longer manage requests for support.

There are three ways in which you may request help:

  1. Create your own project in the Support Center. Select Andar Software Hosting in the Application dropdown menu.
  2. e-Mail
  3. Call the Help Desk at 1-877-479-3780 option 14

Please note that these options are different from the usual methods of requesting support for Andar-related issues. Your hosting-related projects are assigned directly to the Hosting Team, ensuring more efficient handling of these requests.

The links to register for the Self-Service Password Portal, Unlock Account and Forgot Password are now located in the Andar Support Center under the “Hosting” tab. You will also find the links to download Citrix and Tricerat Screwdriver clients for Windows and Mac in the Andar Support Center.

Quote of the Week

“Hit the reset button. Whatever happened yesterday, forget about it. Get a new perspective. Today is a new day. Fresh start, begins now.”

Germany Kent

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