Articles in this Newsletter December 07, 2018

Andar is Hosted in the Cloud

Many of you know that DMC (aka UWITC) is hosting approximately 80 Andar customers in the cloud. We're pleased to announce that we have acquired the Andar-related assets of DMC and merged them into Andar Software Inc. This means that Andar Software is now a full-service company, providing world-class software, pledge processing services, and technical services as well as cloud hosting.

Customers who aren’t hosted are not affected by this announcement.

We look forward to helping you leverage this significant expansion of our service offering! Please reach out should you have any questions.

What's in Store for the Next 5 Years?

Imagine where you'll be in 2023 — or better yet, where your United Way will be in 2023. What will your campaign goal and community impact work look like? How will technology play a role? How will your job be different? As 2018 comes to a close and we start to think about new year's resolutions. Fill out this five-question survey to let us know where you think things will be in 5 years.

Good Old Trick

Whenever you see a date field in Andar, press T for "today" and press Y for "yesterday".

Quote of the Week

"Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present."

Albert Camus

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