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Video Success Story: United Way of Broward County Manages their Online Pledges with Andar e-Pledge

Rebekah Osborn from United Way of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, FL shares with us what her online pledge processing tactics are and why she uses Andar e-Pledge to make them happen.

Multi-lingual Andar

Have you ever noticed this icon on some Andar windows? You can click on it to write in another language.

Personalized Training Sessions

You might be new to Andar or maybe you're a long-time user that needs to brush up on some skills, nonetheless, a personalized training session might be the right answer for you before 2018 comes to a close. You can ask to have the agenda personalized to your needs, and also have all the training in your database to make the lessons more practical and meaningful. Sign up for sessions or ask for more details below.

Quote of the Week

"Your experience of life isn't based on your life, but on what you pay attention to."

Gregg Krech

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