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Data is the New Currency - Part 2

Last week we asked three questions about your data. This week let's dig into the first question..."What data are you collecting on accounts?"

Your answer should be simple and concise. If you think about it, you as an organization are likely collecting 15-20 different pieces of information to store in your database. Some items are as simple as email address, phone number, or gender.

You need to have a documented list of these data items and each database user should understand them. Having a documented plan will also go a long way to help with data quality and universal collection of the information.

Not sure where to start? Pull out a pledge form and write down what fields you are collecting from your donors.

Click here for a sample list of key data points...

Online Giving and Volunteering Unite

Andar e-Volunteer provides volunteer matching management through an easy-to-use website. As a member of the Andar/360 e-Community Suite of products, e-Volunteer is fully integrated into Andar’s fundraising database, allowing organizations to have a complete view of the members of their community. Since volunteers may also make donations, Andar has the ability to display both volunteering and giving activities in one integrated individual account and portal. The website management functions of the Andar e-Community Suite allow volunteers and donors to experience one consistently branded website.

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Help Us Help You

Our help desk should be your single point of contact for all technical and non-technical help. Creating a project online is most efficient. email or telephone could also be used but are less efficient. You should also ensure that you state the urgency of your request and provide as much detail as possible from the start. This helps us prioritize and select the best person for your request.



Telephone: (toll free) 877-479-3780 press 2

Automate Connector Imports

Did you know that you can use a DOS command to import data into Andar? The entire process can be automated with a script that takes your data file, uploads it, and processes the import in one step.

Need Help? We can set this up for you. Call our Help Desk at 877-479-3780.

Although this feature was previously included in the core of Andar, it is now part of the Andar API module and therefore, starting in 2019.01, will require the API license.

Quote of the Week

Sometimes, what you're looking for is already there.

Aretha Franklin

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