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Meet your goal

Have you missed your fundraising goal? Have you tried digging into your database for donors who didn’t give this year but gave in the past? It's easy to use data mining and the “Pattern” tab to get a list of lapsed donors. You can then review their accounts for ways to communicate with them. Maybe you have a home contact information, a related person whom you can call, a staff member who knows them, someone may remember them from an event they attended or volunteered at. Don’t forget that you can probably find some of them on Google. Don’t leave money on the table. Don’t leave any stone unturned.

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Outlook, Exchange and Andar

Are you using Microsoft Exchange or Office 365? Do you have Andar’s MSOutlook Connector Module? If yes, you can have your staff easily upload emails into Andar from any device. If your resource development staff or executives are out and about communicating with donors, prospects, and other stakeholders, they could easily use their smartphone to upload their emails to Andar.

It’s easy, have your administrators create an email account for Andar (Andar’s a person too you know). They setup the account in Andar so that Andar can receive emails.

Next, your staff can just forward their email to your Andar email address (example: or just bcc Andar when sending emails.  This is using Andar's "Mail Forwarding Service".

Andar will not only upload the email and link it to all accounts involved, but it will also send you a confirmation containing links to the people’s accounts in i-Access. So if you have i-Access, you can immediately open their account and review their details right on your phone.

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Survey Document Attachments

New in Service Pack 2017.01: When creating surveys, you can now have respondents attach a document as an answer to a question. This is a great way to organize your data collection from agencies, companies, board members and other stakeholders.


Town Hall Meeting

New session at this year’s User Group Conference: During the lunch period on Thursday, Réal Bédard, President at Helix, will be available for general questions, opinions, and informal discussions.

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Quote of the week

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Vince Lombardi

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